CruiseControl Debian Package

CruiseControl is a pretty Java framework for a continuous build process.

The CruiseControl Debian package allows to deploy easily CruiseControl under a Debian system.


The actual package release is 2.3.1-0. It's available for Debian testing and unstable releases.


You need to install a Java Runtime/Development Environment 1.4 or 1.5. See Java under Debian.


The CruiseControl Debian packages are available via the Tryphon Debian repository.

To install the package, you need to modify your /etc/apt/sources.list.

According your debian release, add :

deb testing main contrib non-free # for testing
deb unstable main contrib non-free # for unstable

Update the apt index files

apt-get update 

And install CruiseControl

apt-get install cruisecontrol

After installation CruiseControl is running. A default configuration is provided. You can edit it into the /etc/cruisecontrol/cruisecontrol.xml file. See Configuration Reference.

Experimental package

Experimental packages can be retrieve (not always available and usable) by using :

deb experimental main contrib non-free

Additional features

  • ccontrol user creation
  • System V init.d integration : a /etc/init.d/cruisecontrol script is provided
  • rewrited /usr/bin/cruisecontrol with additionnal options (log4j settings, daemon mode, jetty support, ..)
  • default log4j configuration : the log4j log file is /var/log/cruisecontrol/main.log. The jvm output is captured into /var/log/cruisecontrol/cruisecontrol.out. These files are rotated in the logrotate default configuration.
  • logrotate configuration : use a prerotate/postrotate scripts to simply start and stop CruiseControl (logrotate is running at 4 AM).
  • cron daily to clean logs and cache directories (according settings found into /etc/default/cruisecontrol).


To Do

  • include html documentation (like previously)
  • use the mx4j package
  • provide a mechanism to set the CruiseControl JVM options (<tt>-server</tt>, <tt>-XmxNNNm</tt>)

Web application

Since 2.3.1, the web application is included into the cruisecontrol package. The jetty support is available too.

Just edit our /etc/default/cruisecontrol and set CRUISE_JETTY to true:



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