How to install XChat

XChat is a pretty IRC client.

This is the few needed steps to install and configurate it.


You can download it at this url :

Windows users

The Windows release provided by the website is now a shareware. Use one of the releases listed on XChatData.


GNU/Linux Debian

The lastest xchat version is present into the Debian unstable release

Install the xchat package :

$> sudo apt-get install xchat

You can't make more simple ;-)

GNU/Linux Redhat/Fedora

Download the lastest rpm binary release Fed :

And install it :

$> sudo rpm -Uvh xchat-*.rpm

GNU/Linux Gentoo

Update your portage tree:

$> sudo emerge --sync

And install it :

$> sudo emerge -av xchat


Download the lastest windows binary release :

The XChat binary win32 will provide a classic installation wizard. By using the default wizard settings, you will obtain a nice XChat icon into your desktop.

Server Configuration

If you want to access to the Tryphon IRC server, follow this procedure.

Add the Tryphon Network

  • Start XChat
  • If your first start, you will see the server list window. Otherwise, use the XChat > Server List (Ctrl+S) menu to obtain the same window.
  • Fill the User Information
  • Add a new Network Tryphon

Configure the Tryphon Server

  • Edit this new Network
  • Add a new Server
  • Fill the Network properties :
    • choose the character set UTF-8

Other IRC Network

For an another IRC network, check if it is included in the default list. If not, create it with the same procedure, choose the right hostname and port number. Note that most of the time, SSL isn't used.


Change the charset

Primary, see the xchat related documentation page.

You can change your XChat charset with the undocumented command /charset :

/charset UTF8
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