Client Initial Setup

In order to use your StreamBox, and depending on the OS from which you want to access the StreamBox Web interface, you may have to install some extra resources on your computer

If you are using Microsoft Windows

  • First, download the Apple Bonjour service from Apple Website
  • Install the downloaded files by double-clicking on it and follow instructions.

You may have to reboot your computer for the changes to be made available

If you use MacOS X

Good news, you don't have to install anything since the Avahi protocol is natively supported by your OS thanks to Bonjour

If you are using GNU/Linux

If you are using Ubuntu or Debian Linux, you don't have to install anything. Everything is already available in the standard installation. If you are using another distribution, you must check that Avahi service is available on your installation

Access the box interface

Simply open a Web browser and browse http://streambox.local

You can now discover the StreamBox Interface

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