StreamBox Interface

The StreamBox interface is quite common to people using other products from Tryphon. It can be accessed by browsing http://streambox.local. It is composed of 4 zones :

  • the section bar : it contains links to the different parts of the StreamBox (Dashboard, Help)
  • the left menu : it contains links to access the different screens for parameters and status
  • the main space : it displays the parameter forms and status
  • the feedback tab : on the left hand side of the page, a “feedback” tab allows you to report bugs and suggest enhancements to Tryphon

The dashboard

On the dashboard, you can see a summary of the different events that occurred on the box (partial configuration, connection failure…) and some graphs of the input and output bandwidths. This screen allows performing a basic diagnostic in case something goes wrong.

On the left, you can access the stream configuration, the full event monitor, and the metadata description update form. Additionally, you can access the box system configuration, which are deeper parameters, not directly related to the streaming functionality (Sound input, network, local server, save point and update)

Go to The Stream Configuration screen

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